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Project: Esalco Office

Design: Oso Architecture

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Project: Veni Vidi Göz

Design: AA Architecture

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Project: AVM Food Court


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Project: Philip Morris Adana Office

Design: Yağmur Şayan Architecture

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Project: Centurion Pharma Office

Design: Mor Architecture

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Project: Lastikçim Office

Design: Hiza Architecture

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Project: DFDS Office

Design: New Architecture

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Project: Profen Office

Design: yapçasoydan Architecture

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Project: Logitech Office

Design: Cushman&Wakefield

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Project: Aleyra Office

Design: Doruk Soyal Architecture

Her Adımda

Project: Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik

Design: Yalın Tan + Partners

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Project: Spyke Games

Design: Habif Architecture

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Project: Aksigorta Headquarters

Design: Diem Group

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Project: Vodafone Özatalar Office

Design: Öge Architecture

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Project: Andro Clinic

Design: Hasan Burak Akyıldız Interior Architecture

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Project: Moet Hennessy

Design: U Design Architecture

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Project: DB Schenker Arkas

Design: Nar-sist Design

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Project: Cofface Turkey

Design: Jeyan Ülkü Architecture

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Project: Sinoz Office

Design: U Design Architecture

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Project: Beymen Office

Design: Yalıntan Partners

The most suitable solutions for your floor applications!

We are always with you as your solution partner in your living spaces with our alternative product groups and innovative solution proposals.

Every Step

We offer solutions to all functional and aesthetic needs in architectural projects with carpet tile, knit vinyl, LVT and roll PVC categories in the commercial type floor coverings, together with our own raised floor systems.

By becoming a pioneer in its field, we add difference to many projects. We not only attach importance to quality and aesthetics in the products we produce and the brands we represent, but also take care that all of our products are nature and environmentally friendly. By offering both you and nature-friendly solutions; We create spaces that breathe.

Specıal for Archıtects

You can quickly access the tools that can be useful for your designs in the section specially prepared for you.

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You can easily access our archive with high resolution images, brochures and certificates of all our products.


With the product groups in our portfolio, we combine the understanding of sustainable environment with the aesthetics required in architectural designs.

Design Tools

By using the design tools of our different brands, you can experience the products you choose in 3D spaces and make a quantity study.

World Urbanism Day

The character of a city is a complex and vibrant structure that encompasses the social assets, sociological tendencies, beliefs, values, and habits of its residents. Throughout history, urbanism has evolved alongside humanity, adapting to the rise and fall of civilizations.

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