About Us

Details that we do not notice at first glance are sometimes the most important parts that complete the whole… One of the details that creates the warmth, elegance and spaciousness of the atmosphere that welcomes you when you step inside a place is undoubtedly the designs applied on the floor. As the Unigen family, we strive to take your expectations one step further with innovative flooring applications that complement and differentiate your living and working spaces. We are happy to take part in thousands of projects, with millions of square meters of products, and to create pleasant, environmentally friendly schools, hospitals and offices, while maintaining our excitement on the first day. In order to offer the right solutions you are looking for, we offer new and alternative building materials to the floor construction sector by gathering many world brands in commercial type flooring product groups under the roof of Unigen, adding our own production and experience to these. We not only attach importance to quality and aesthetics in the products we produce and the brands we represent, but also take care that all of our products are nature and environmentally friendly. Thus, by offering both you and nature-friendly solutions; We create spaces that breathe.

Our Vision


Our Mission

To offer living spaces with alternative products and innovative solutions and to grow as a preferred brand in its field of expertise, To provide products and services that comply with international standards, are sensitive to the environment and protect human health, To be a solution partner that can offer optimum products and services from a single point in terms of quality, price and deadlines with a customer-oriented approach, To serve with a staff who are experts in their fields, have the core values of the company and have a high sense of belonging, To follow policies that are aware of their social responsibilities and that take care of our customers, employees, suppliers and all our stakeholders.

Integrated Management Systems Policy

Our company, with its Senior Management and All Employees, in the production and assembly of Commercial Type Flooring Materials, which have the most important input in creating the structures of the modern world, and the sale of children's play mats;
• To meet the demands and expectations of our customers fully, on time and in accordance with globalizing world standards, to attach importance to the protection and improvement of the environment, to work in compliance with national and international legislation.
• Environmental and human-friendly products, harmless raw materials; to be produced in ergonomic working conditions with equipment equipped with clean energy and modern technology, and to be delivered to the end users without risk,
• To protect the ecological balance, to carry out activities to prevent climate change and to contribute to the protection of biodiversity without compromising on quality.
• Advancing the work done by consulting the staff and ensuring their participation, and providing more suitable working environments for their employees
• It undertakes to protect the occupational safety and health of all our employees and to work in compliance with legal requirements.

In line with these purposes and responsibilities;
• To provide an environment open to continuous improvement by empowering the employees with necessary trainings
• To increase the environmental awareness of our suppliers and customers
• To spread the awareness of a comfortable, safe and aesthetic floor that protects human health and provides environmental hygiene with the products we offer, and to carry out necessary training activities in this context
• To continuously make researches and improvements that will enable the reuse of all kinds of products, semi-processed products and raw materials that can be recycled
• To use natural resources in the most efficient way by reducing the amount of waste and energy consumption in line with the Environmental Protection and Development Goals and Targets determined every year. Thus Maintaining Ecological Balance
• To raise awareness of all our employees on environmental protection and respect for the natural structure, and to encourage them to work on environmental protection, to assign them and to ensure their participation
• To anticipate possible emergencies and events that may pollute the environment sufficiently, to take preventive, protective, technical and managerial measures, to be prepared
It is our basic principles.


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