Acting with the principle of right person for the right job, we carry out our selection and placement process meticulously. Within the scope of our recruitment process, in addition to competency-based interviews, we implement position-based personality inventory, skill tests, case studies and assessment center processes. In our process, we use inventories and tests that have been validated and reliable.

Our dynamic team that carries our growing and developing organization to success; we are constantly developing, offering and sharing different experience environments. We love working together. Our source of inspiration is our team…

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Even if the candidates reach us from different sources, they are evaluated equally and fairly in the selection process.

During the selection process, no discrimination or privilege can be made in terms of age, race, religion, language, kinship, similarity, belief, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, or military training.

In the selection process, the experience, knowledge, abilities and skills and competencies required by the position are evaluated and are effective in the decision.

Supporting our employees to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed in line with their duties, responsibilities and career goals forms the basis of Unigen's training and development plans.

We consider requests and requests from employees. We attach importance to equal opportunity in education and development. We focus on turning potential into performance. Our most important goal is to ensure continuity in development.

All newly hired employees are ensured to reach the competency to perform their duties through appropriate guidance, training and follow-up processes.

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