Discover a new look in the angles of architecture with the biomorphic Perspective design series of the Contour collection and the View series consisting of geometric intersecting lines.

Collection 2022-08-05 11:23:35

Contour applies the principles of architectural geometry to carpet tile design. The biomorphic Perspective design expresses the structural integrity of honeycomb while View is a design of intersecting lines that explores geometrical projection. The Contour carpet tile collection takes office interiors on a journey through principal architectural forms.

By keeping the design and manufacture process in-house, Contour provides an accessible carpet tiles collection that delivers the quality you expect from IVC Commercial. 

Contour is based on the same colours and yarn bank as our Art Intervention collection and Rudiments collection. This lets you explore the creativity and purposeful agility of arrangements in colour with designs made to be mixed and matched.

The use of biomorphic principles in architecture is impossible to ignore and Perspective takes this powerful natural influence into a carpet tile design rooted in honeycomb structures. Ready for offices in a palette of energetic and expressive colours, Perspective brings new meaning to an architectural principle traced back centuries.

Intersecting lines representing the exploration of the relationship between architecture and geometrical projection, View unlocks unique angles in the concepts of architectural space. Universal and energetic colour combinations make View a carpet tile that finds a new space to explore in office interiors.