Dickson 3D

The brand new perspective and extraordinary identity developed by the Dickson® design studio is artistically manifested in the eight series in the collection.

2022-05-10 15:52:25

The Dickson® Woven Vinyl Flooring collection combines Dickson's expertise with the modern vision of designers.

The brand new perspective and extraordinary identity developed by the Dickson® design studio is artistically manifested in the eight series in the collection.
Rich texture inspired by nature; elegant, unpretentious and sophisticated colors are embodied in a strong floor covering, revealing the aesthetic qualities of the raw material that is used. Refined and timeless, the neutral color palette includes a range of dark and elegant hues. While distinctive colors add character and personality to the product, graphic effects ranging from classic to bold experiments create characteristic appearance.

0% Phthalate
Dickson® woven vinyl collections are phthalate-free with occupants' health, air quality and indoor comfort in mind. The determination to remove controversial substances from the components of new collections reflects Dickson's innovative approach to the environment and complies with European REACH standards.

Tested and approved independently by the RFCI, Dickson® floor coverings meet volatile organic compounds (VOC) criteria and are certified to contribute to good air quality.

Dickson® Wovwn Vinyl Collections


The texture of Mirage is designed to create a sisal thread effect. The raw, vivid and irregular surface relief offers a variety of effects ranging from deep and powerful effects to light effects. This intense series own a palette of colors that come to life with a little light, and shimmering nuances that bring out the full effect of dark tones.



Allure has a grainy texture adorned with eye-catching colours. The mostly dark grains interact harmoniously with the colored background. Elegant tones give the surface an unpretentious vitality. A few dark touches emphasize the softness of this series with its shimmering tones.



The Ecume series is presented with an elegant and contemporary pattern, just like fluffy clouds blending harmoniously with another surface of various shades. Its texture, presented in dark and natural colors, easily adapts to different designs.



Elegance is a timeless collection with a comforting, semi-flat texture and adapts to any setting. It is offered with a neutral and less colorful palette that emphasizes its timeless character. Elegance is the next generation of redesigned flat textures.



It is a harmonious collection with a decidedly modern motif for spaces with striking designs, furnished with excitement and courage. Consisting of classic neutral colors, this timeless series is offered in various nuances of gray with dark and elegant tones.



Evoking nature, space and water, the texture of Cosmos moves from one direction to the other to create an elegant and slightly undulating rhythm. Presented in a range of neutral tones that are natural and elegant, this flow creates a pleasant and delicate effect. This unique and lively pattern reflects the continuity of the movement.