With the product groups in our portfolio, we combine the understanding of sustainable environment with the aesthetics required in architectural designs.

As a part of the ecosystem we live in, we have to think about the importance of taking care of our future while we live today. We all bear the responsibility of leaving a livable world to future generations by prioritizing the principle of sustainability in our business and social lives. As Unigen, we support an approach that considers sustainable policies in every step we take, from our production policies to the selection of our business model and product groups.


Thanks to the modulyss®️ CARE program, end-of-life polyamide carpet tiles are sustainably recycled into recycled raw materials and secondary fuels. Minerals extracted from carpet tiles recycle as raw materials for the cement industry. Thus, 50% of carpet tiles are recycled. The remaining material is converted into pellets for use in industrial furnaces. This recycling policy aims to use less fossil fuel.

Environmental Building Standards

Sustainable or 'green' buildings are becoming more and more important today. We must all find ways to use our resources more efficiently, while designing healthier, energy-efficient and sustainable spaces and buildings. modulyss®️  helps you comply with a variety of green building standards, from BREEAM to LEED to WELL.


Global warming, which threatens our society and future generations, is perhaps the most serious problem facing the earth. We must all do our best to overcome this problem as soon as possible. With modulyss®️, we take multiple actions to overcome this global challenge. Our CO2RE initiative, which enables you to create a project that supports climate projects and completely prevents carbon emissions, is one of these projects.

Cradle to Cradle Certified

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a globally recognized standard for safer and more sustainable products manufactured for the circular economy. modulyss®️ Evaluated in terms of environmental and social performance in five categories for Cradle to Cradle Certified® approval.


modulyss®️ ecoBack ile özellikle geri dönüştürülebilecek şekilde tasarlanmış bir taban çözümünü piyasaya çıkardı. Yani, dönüştürülebilirlik sayesinde döngüsel ekonomiye katkıda bulunmak istiyorsanız ecoBack sizin için doğru taban olacaktır.

modulyss® ECONYL

modulyss® with ECONYL From fishing nets to tiles Modulyss® has decided to participate as a responsible partner in the sustainability program initiated by Health Seas. Healthy Seas not only collects fishing nets, but also ensures that these fishing nets are recycled and recycled into ECONYL yarns designed by Aquafil, Europe's best PA6 carpet yarn manufacturer.

General Recycling

In addition to harnessing the power of wind, water, sun and air, IVC Commercial®️ takes action to use the materials we need responsibly. It makes every effort to find efficient and sustainable ways to use the resources we need.


IVC Commercial®️ The iconic icon of the Flooring Development Center (FLDC) uses solar panels to invent innovative flooring solutions and provide the needed power. The panels account for 40% of FLDC's total energy needs.


Producing LVT requires significant cooling from our Scheldt Project, so at IVC Commercial®️ we use natural and biodegradable gases for efficiency. Free (or dynamic) cooling is completely safe for the ozone layer and occurs when the outside temperature is lower than the process water temperature.


In 2014, IVC Commercial®️ built an on-site wind farm in Avelgem. The three turbines generate approximately 11,000 MWh of renewable electricity each year. It uses this clean electricity to power our production facilities and electric trucks in Avelgem, and returns the remainder to the grid for others.


Manufacturing high quality Heterogeneous Vinyl floors needs cooling water to absorb heat. IVC Commercial®️    has invested in a bold experiment using river water as the secondary coolant for our Avelgem facility. Using only a minimal amount of energy, water is pumped into the river and circulated around the facility in a closed-loop flow that relies on thermal exchange to cool processes without direct contact.

Waste Management

All waste from Dickson®️'s head office and production site is completely separated. About 300 metric tons of waste is separated each year for specific recycling. He used our recycling system to develop the Replay series, where our recycled products make up 30% of the materials.

Water Recycling

Solution dyeing of our yarns ensures color fastness and saves water. It allows us to avoid the use of traditional dyes that pollute and consume water. The small amount of water used in our production process is completely sterilized by the local wastewater treatment plant close to our factory.


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is one of the toughest labels for raw, semi-finished and finished textiles tested for harmful substances. It tests all textiles at each processing stage and on each component and component. The chemical components of the fabrics are certified in accordance with REACH standards and are therefore harmless to humans ecologically. Dickson fabrics meet these standards.


Because Dickson®'s fabrics use solution-dyed acrylic yarn, they skip a highly polluting step in the weaving process. Our fabric processing processes are optimized to prevent products from being overloaded with chemicals. The environment is at the center of many companies' concerns. This has also become an important issue for Dickson, and many actions have already been taken at the factory.

Enerji Çözümü

Bugün binalar tarafından tüketilen enerji, Avrupa'daki toplam enerji tüketiminin %44'ünü temsil ediyor ve CO2 emisyonlarının %25'ini oluşturuyor. İklimlendirme sistemleri giderek daha fazla enerji yoğun hale geliyor. Soğutma, ısıtmadan üç kat daha fazla enerji gerektirir.


UL Environment tarafından verilen GREENGUARD sertifikası, iç mekanlar için tasarlanan ürünlerin düşük kimyasal emisyonlar için sertifikalandırıldığını garanti eder ve daha sağlıklı iç ortamların yaratılmasına katkıda bulunur. GREENGUARD GOLD daha da katı sertifikasyon kriterleri sunar ve bir ürünün okullar ve sağlık tesisleri gibi hassas ortamlarda kullanım için kabul edilebilir olmasını sağlar.

Product Lifecycle

The GreenOvation approach considers end-of-life for all products. Edge yarns are partially recycled to produce industrial filters, insulation products and outdoor carpets.

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